30-Day Mini Series

In late October of 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer. Up until that point I was working in encaustics and loving it. But while I was getting treatment I had to find a medium that was less labor intensive. Something easy I could set up in our 2nd bedroom so when I had strength I could go in and paint. That’s when I discovered pigmented alcohol inks and painting with them became part of my healing. It was the only time the whole world of treatment shut off and I could just be me discovering something new.

One day I ran out of large scale sheets of paper and had to play with some small 5x7 pieces I had for colors swatches. I normally like to work very large so confining myself to 5x7 inches was a challenge! But it transformed me. I found a new skill of keeping myself contained and getting the most detail I could within a small frame. They were special. And that’s when the 30 day 5x7 mini series started.

From the first painting to the last (there are 60 pieces in all) I felt like each piece was talking to me. They would give me a message or tell me their name. Sometimes they spoke a lot and sometimes only one word. They each took on a completely different personality from each other and I cannot wait to share them all with you!

I had a vision of how I wanted them framed and Hang Steady on Robertson Blvd has brought that vision to fruition! Each piece is float mounted in a hand fabricated 99% UV acrylic box.

The exhibition of my 30 day 5x7 works will be on display at 11:11 Gallery in a few months! More details to follow!